Myths about Web Development You need to stop believing

With the escalating digitization, every business person is looking to create a website that satisfies the objective of the business. Ranging from single page  to multiple page websites are designed to serve the same. There are a number of myths about Web development that affects the verdict of the business owners. Here we have addressed the most common myths…

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Secure Your Business with CAPTCHA (Cont.)

If you were a business owner attempting to improve the potential flaws in the security then CAPTCHA is the best Choice. As we discussed in the previous post, choosing among the CAPTCHA and ReCaptcha is the crucial decision you have to take.

CAPTCHA is a human validation test which asks the visitors to complete the mathematical problems like addition, subtraction…

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Secure Your Business with CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart

Want to protect your website from spam bots or fake signups ? CAPTCHA is used to prevent the websites from spam or bots. By integrating Google Captcha on your website you can easily identify whether the visitor who made registration in your site is human or bot. Without Captcha…

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Improve your business with the benefits that technology Renders

The world is now driven by technology that revolutionizes the way we live. Technology also plays a key role in both small scale and large scale business to improve the performance. To acquire the benefits of technology you may integrate new technologies into the business process. The list of technologies which we have listed below helps for the betterment of…

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Consider these industry standards Before Hiring Web Design Company

When you realize your business needs a professional website or a mobile application it’s the right time to hire a web Development Company that offers reliable web development services. There are unfathomable options for web development companies available on the internet. But the problem is to opt for the right company which satisfies your need. The following…

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Signs that indicate your website needs to get redesigned

Today, your business doesn’t need just a website… it needs a well-designed, easy navigating and appealing websites that satisfy the needs of the customers. Most of the business owners do not have a  clear idea of when to redesign a website. With the amount of competition in the market, it is important to get your website redesigned to meet up the demands.…

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Uses of Animation in UI design (Cont.)

Animation to send Notification

One of the marketing strategies of mobile application marketing is to send a notification to the customers. Usually, most of the apps send push notification to the customer. But the point is most of the notifications remain unread or they just get ignored by the visitors. If you use animation when sending the notification to the…

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Use of Animation in UI design

With the appealing User Interface, you can create the best impression. To boost customer retention and grab the attention of the customer it is important to adopt the design in every changing situation. Recent days using animation in the mobile app is found as a significant change which helps to design a more interactive app for the business.

More than the static…

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How to increase the Mobile app user Engagement with onboarding?

From the recent study, it is proved that one in four users relinquish using the mobile application after using that. We all know that the initial step to reach the customer is onboarding, which helps to educate the users on the application. Before getting to that, you have to work on the retention strategies to improve the customer engagement.

Flawless onboarding…

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Gear Up your business with the best PHP Coding Standards

The Internet is filled up with lots and lots of PHP Websites in which only some of them become popular. Normally PHP Websites are mostly  affected by factors like hacks, syntax and architecture. By following high coding standards it is easy to achieve the desired heights in the business. HireIndianProgrammers, the best destination to Hire PHP Programmer…

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