Magento Pro

Customer was able to translate his Magento website up to 90%. The remaining 10% are actually translated in the local file pt_PT but for some reason they don’t take effect. They only problem getting some translation lines that are in the /local directory of magento to show.

We fixed this remaining translate files from CSV files located on locale directory.…

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Magento ProZoom Addon

Customer Requirements: E-Commerce website with a broken image system. Existing site built on Magento that utilises the prozoom addon which is having some problems in Chrome Browser only. Other Firefox browser working well.

First we aware of them addon how much comfortable in this magento lowest version. Then we search from google and upgrade latest…

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Magento Paypal Express Checkout

Recently we integrated Paypal Express Checkout payment gateway to Customer Magento website. In magento allow either paypal standard or Paypal express checkout from admin configuration.

The PayPal Express Checkout, customers are transferred to PayPal to approve the use of PayPal and then returned to our website to complete their order. Customer logs in…

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